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Wednesday, November 2

Giving thanks Day 2 - Please link

I am a very thankful person and as irritating and annoying as some people are in my life I try to remember to tell them.  Today is my 2nd day of Thanksgiving...

I am thankful for Diva. 

I met Diva was she was an 8 month old chubby faced baby – I fell in love that day.  Every time I saw her I fell more and more in love – every kiss and hug and giggle.  I wanted her to be mine, not the neighbors.   Just one year later I was in a Social Workers voicemail asking what I needed to do to adopt her, I was single and 26 while she was now in foster care and 20 months.  Just 10 months later she was sitting in my arms on our couch babbling about nothing and giggling.
Life throws curves and things change but my love for her and my effort to get her never faltered.  She saved me from myself and I love the settled down me.  The person that gets to snuggle and cuddle, watch Phineus and Ferb and bake cupcakes.  She is my Diva... and I love every sassy bit of her.
embracing my LOVE of Starbucks!

Lets link and share what we are each thankful for... a little more positivity in the world!

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