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Monday, November 7

Comfort food - Thanksgiving

I don’t post on Sunday... well I normally don’t as that is OUR day.  Hubby and Diva and I made the decision that Sunday (Hubby’s schedule permitting) is our family day... we even have a family dinner inviting all local family over to our home and I cook.  Yesterday was crock pot roast, carrots and broccoli with his mom making homemade Mac and cheese!  Some SERIOUS comfort food there.  I love our Sunday’s I can’t believe we ever lived without them but Diva, my mother in law and I instituted them during the deployment as a sure fire way to connect weekly.  We also got to have a mini playdate with a friend and her beautiful daughters!  My friend is competing in a pageant this weekend and wanted to talk clothes... I hope she takes home the crown!

Today I am thankful for my pageant family!  This past year I have held a title that came with 7 sister titleholders; 2 7 year olds, 2 teenagers, 2 20-somethings and another mom.  I am thankful for each of them.  I learned so much and will never forget the amazing memories that came with this year.  I am sad to see it over this weekend!  These ladies and (the Little Miss’ moms) taught me about family in a different way, taught me about acceptance and understanding.  They were all there for me every day, every month and every appearance with smiles, hugs and embraced Diva and I with our deployment.  I can’t express to them how much they each mean to me – they are an extension of my family and my life.

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