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Tuesday, November 8

Counting Down, My first Pinterest Trip and Thanks giving!

Let me start today – as I have the last few, with what I am thankful for

Today I am thankful for my beliefs.  No matter what they are or how they differ I am thankful that I have a firm set of beliefs that I live my life by.  My husband and I have differing political beliefs (who are I kidding, Hubby and his family have differing beliefs) however Diva will be raised to find her own beliefs on things.  Whether that be politically, religiously or anything in between... I will always urge her to follow her heart and make her own mind up.

With our NYC trip in just a few days I am trying to be smart about packing and do the following:
  1. Put together outfits to keep me warm AND look cute!  I do not have ANY interest in looking like an Eskimo for 5 days
  2. I am also trying to pack smart and light, I have 1 suitcase and that is all. 
  3. COMFORTABLE shoes~ I want flat boots so that I can be cute and NOT living in my tourist tennis shoes!
  4. Have my suitcase weigh LESS than Hubby’s... which is normal.  Trip to Hawaii left him 10+lbs OVER weight and me about the same UNDER weight.

I LOVE to travel and have been DYING to go to NYC for years – back in the day some of my friends went and worked there for a few months.  I was so jealous and wished I could have been in a position to do that however now I am going.  This is going to be a busy week RIGHT up until we leave.  Tonight Diva and I need to go get our shirts for hockey this year... her last one was 2 years ago and it BARELY fits and I have NEVER bought one even though I love both our local team and the sport.  Tomorrow night is the game... YIPPEE!  They are actually honoring Hubby and his homecoming at this game, pretty cool I think... then we both work a regular day on Thursday and fly out that night.  Leave it up to us to be SO last minute with this.

Here are some ideas I have for this weekend... we shall see
Thank you to my first Pinterest Trip for these great examples!!!

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