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Tuesday, November 29

Thought formulations...

WOW- taken me all this time just to formulate a coherent thought after the holiday weekend.

We had a blast hosting our first Thanksgiving (EVER and in our new home), I even got to use my Great Grandmothers China... very cool to me.  We were able to spend some good family time as well – My parents, my nieces, my Grandma, my Mother in Law, the Hubby and the Diva... PERFECTION! 

Now that its back to work, life and planning for Christmas – with 80 degree So Cal weather its SO hard to get into the Christmas Spirit.  I even avoided shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when last year I was COMPLETELY done shopping on Black Friday.  The only real purchases I made were Christmas decorations to hopefully put me in the mood to shop AND a Canvas print of Champagne Flutes from our wedding for our kitchen/dining room.  This next month will be filled with perfecting our home, FINALLY hanging up our curtains before my inlaws arrive for Christmas, potentially deciding on a photo theme for our office and MAYBE picking colors for our room... downfall being that Hubby will be leaving for 2 weeks for his civilian job thus leaving much on my plate... sadly the deployment prepared me more for this than his coworkers could imagine.  Their wives whine when they are home late from work or have to miss a party night out... if they only understood what its like to walk in the shoes of a MilSpouse.  I would LOVE to have those concerns and irritations. 
Since this time last year my concerns have gone from keeping Diva happy during the holidays to mitigate the feelings of loss and lonliness with daddy being gone, worrying sick about Hubby yet keeping his spirits up through the holidays to somedays walking on egg shells because I feel that mostly I don’t do much right where he is concerned.  No matter how I speak, it’s often greeting with “stop being snappy” or something along those lines... its like just my voice annoys him yet I don’t feel that I am doing anything wrong or different than I did before.  He wants to act like the last year (15 months) didn’t happen... sorry but that’s not an option.  YUCK.

Oh well... back to positivity.... work.... ehh, I tried!

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