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Tuesday, November 22

Inopportune Time... of course

Of course this week is Thanksgiving... then Christmas and holiday junk so all crap food for the next 45 days!  Well... NOT FOR ME!  I am trying so hard to support Suki and her goal.  I started my morning off with a protein shake (Went to Target and bought a personal blender for $15!). Pure Protein Chocolate with a banana, not too bad actually and a total of 330 Cal, 34.7b Protein and 40.9g Carbs.  I know that the protein amount should be above my carb intake but the banana killed me (27g).  Of course now I feel this HUGE lump of protein shake in my stomach, ahh that’s enjoyable.   Downfall is that I am already craving SWEETS....  I need help.  Going to try to overload with water and green see if that works –

I did download an App for my phone to help me track what I eat and drink – maybe the added accountability will help.  Good gracious, this is a lot of work and I am not a huge fan of calorie counting BUT it’s necessary to make sure I am eating the RIGHT food.

We are also talking about child number 2 – no BIG decisions made yet but Diva is ready, I am ready (I think), so now it’s just up to Hubby and his readiness.  I got a copy of our last home study in hopes that will help the process along once we take the step – I am aiming for a decision to move forward by January BUT I also know that you can’t rush these decisions... if so we would have 4 kids by now!

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