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Thursday, November 3

Thankful Thursday - Link Up

I am really loving the fact that I start each morning off once I get to work thinking about something that I am thankful for especially this morning when it didn't start out so well with Diva.  I don't like fussing with her on our way to school... starts both our days off rotten!

Today I am thankful for my friends!

My life has been a series of interesting roller coasters – a lot of downs with each up.  I have friends that have stood beside me through High School, an abusive marriage, divorce, miscarriage, infertility and deployment.  Friends that I have been able to call at a moments notice when things go upside down and know that they would be there in a heartbeat.  Friends that I would drop everything for, even if they never ask... I will send you a party hat for their pity parties and celebrate on the phone; I will participate in life even when I don’t agree with their decisions all because I know that they would for me.  Whether its secret belly button piercing, concerts, boys, shared mommy dates, or sharing life I am thankful for each person that I call a friend.  I look forward to a lifetime more memories with you all! 

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