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Friday, December 3

Total meltdown at the post office!

Yesterday I went to mail Big Daddy’s 4th and final Christmas box.  The other 3 were mailed the day before without problem… yesterday I was not so lucky!  I walked in with 25 minutes to spare, my customs form filled out, the box neatly labeled and closed.  I was ready to just pay my $10.50 and leave.  As I walk up to the counter there are no numbers to pull, so I politely waited until the guy in front of me was called knowing I would have logically been the next person.  Well without me realizing it… apparently they fixed the number counter while I waited, about 5 minutes.  As soon as the guy in front of me was done and they called the next number I walked up to pay for and mail my package.  Yep, you guessed it someone actually HAD that number so I was sent to the back of the line.  Upset but whatever… another 10 minutes goes by before I get my turn.  I walk up and present everything only for the post office lady to tell me that my box would NOT be sent flat rate because it wasn’t sealed in their preferred manner and the box was somewhat bowed from being overstuffed.  I decided, somewhat quietly, to repackage the box.  I had a large, somewhat strong looking man assist me in squishing the box together to be their PREFERRED sealing method and headed back up to the counter.  Did you know that they have Priority Mail boxes that are NOT flat rate?  Well, if you did you are smarter than me because I just grabbed a priority box and did it.  Back at the counter the lady informs me that it would not be sent flat rate because the box didn’t say so.  At this point I am ready to have an anxiety attack so I grab a pen and scribble FLAT RATE across the box.  She snapped at me that I couldn’t do that and would ONCE AGAIN have to repackage my box.
I LOST IT… you may find me on youtube as the Crazy Army Wife having a meltdown at the post office.  I just started crying… then came the meltdown part.  The horrible postal employee started LAUGHING at me and talking about me in whatever Asian language she spoke.  I popped off with a few 4 letter words and then went into serious anxiety/ crying… then I was just mad that this woman made me cry.  She then pointed out how I am usually so pleasant that I must have just had a horrible day but it wasn’t her problem.  I got the box redone, had to unwrap a gift to get it in there because in my panicky state I couldn’t get the 3 small gifts to fit.  I re-addressed it, paid and left.  As soon as I got into the car I completely lost it, called my best friend and just sobbed.  I cried about he stupid postal lady, the stupid deployment, missing my husband, hating that it was Christmas without him… ahhh the list goes on.  After pulling myself together I decided that I was sad that I was mailing gifts to him, then upset that the boxes weren’t being accepted, then pissed that she both laughed at me and was talking about me and then plain LIVID that I let this happen in public.  I do not like to cry PERIOD… much less in a room full of people.

So that was my day… luckily all my boxes are mailed and I don’t have to worry about visiting that horrible lady for at least 2 more weeks and by then I may just pay someone a convenience fee to do it for me.

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Lydia said...

I can't believe that lady! She really has some nerve! I've sent plenty of flat rate boxes that were "bowed" at the top from stuffing so much crap in it and never had a problem. Clearly, she was having a bad day and just wanted to be difficult.