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Thursday, June 23

Homecoming will have PICTURES!

I have been looking at magazines and having all of these JEALOUS, excited feelings of all the homecoming pictures I see.  The perfect kiss pictures or the kids holding signs and seeing their daddy's for the first time... I am a HORRIBLE picture taker in times like this.   The nice American Airlines gate ladies took pictures at R&R for me and they are all of my BUTT!  While I worked hard on it I want a little more face and less REAR!
With homecoming a meer days away I have been really thinking about wanting the PERFECT homecoming moment and pictures.

How many of you moms have spent a fair amount of time getting ready for homecoming, perfect hair and looking your best?  Then you get to whereever your soldier is coming into wrangling kids, find your husband, hold onto your childs hand... then think about the fact your butt may be hanging out of your dress but not really care.  After all the fun and excitement is over... wish you had just ONE good picture of homecoming?  Yes, I am crazy in my brain when I plan things.  I thought about photo angles with most of our wedding photos as we were doing things, making sure that I didn't have pictures up my nose or down my top.  So I am a total perfectionist!  This is our first deployment, I want to mark it with pictures that Hubby and I will look at in 50 years and smile. 

There is a great organization Operation Love Reunited that has photographers that offer their services FREE for Pre-Deployment, During and Homecomings!  I emailed the photographer in Hubby's homecoming town and she emailed me back!  Her pictures are wonderful.  She is going to be able to capture all those moments that my blurry/teary eyes would miss.

Jess Cardena Photography is the wonderful woman that emailed me back and will be joining our family at homecoming.  She is hoping to catch all those moments that I will be too blurry eyed to do, plus my lips and hands will be otherwise occupied!

Stay tuned for post homecoming pics...

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