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Wednesday, June 22

This + This = THIS!

Whats the BIG difference?

This sticker is

No longer there!

Because he is in the US - We have a few more days before we are wrapped all up in eachother but because of this missing item I need to figure out the next big, SUPER important thing!

HUBBY - if you read this STOP-- SURPRISES in store for you my dear.  I love you!

What to wear to HOMECOMING!  I am totally at a loss.  HELP!  To pile it on - there is NO clue what time the man will be arriving.  Today it was 104 degrees in the arrival city!

OK - the rest of you... let me know because I don't know if I should go cute yet comfy, sweet and girly or just tramp  sexy! 

Option #1 - Jean shorts and a loose sheer top in coral
Hubby always asks me to wear shorts... I HATE my legs in shorts but feel like maybe I should give in being homecoming and all.  BUT I hate the idea of spending $18 on something I will wear ONCE.  Then what shoes?  May I mention that I am 5'10 and wear a size 9.5!

Option 2 - cute summer dress
OR a cute summer dress - downfall here is IF he spins me everyone will see my BUTT and that is NOT the impression on my inlaws I need to make!  Plus I am not small busted so this could be a might bit tacky.  But super cute and sorta me and seems very homecoming expected.
Or the old standby - trenchoat with nothing but my birthday suit underneath.  Downfall is IF we do homecoming at an airport and I need to remove my jacket the body scanner will be the LEAST of my worries. 
So... my 3 options... ARG!  What to do?

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