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Wednesday, June 8

Why I LOVE American

First I must say that I ONLY fly American Airlines – My husband only flies American, or Southwest depending on length of flight… this is because of the support in our military and families of our fallen that they have shown me.  It’s the American ticketing agent that politely gets my Priority Pass to meet my soldier at the gate thanking me for both of our service, it was the American gate agent that announced his arrival in the terminal because every returning service member should have a country thanking him when he gets off the plane, it was the American ticketing agents that silently had tears in their eyes as we waited at the airport AFTER R&R and it’s the American Airlines company that flies families of our fallen to different events throughout the country free of charge.  I will stick with American thank you very much.

That all being said – there is quite a stir about a recent Delta flight out of Baltimore.  34 soldiers were coming through the airport on their way home from Afghanistan with orders showing 4 allowed bags with no charge.  Here is the problem – Delta’s policy is 3 bags for traveling military with a cost of $200 per additional bag.  This added up to almost $2800 for the returning unit.  Several of the junior soldiers had no financial means with them to pay this fee.  As soon as the unit boarded the flight they recorded a video and placed it on youtube, which has since become viral.

So what are your thoughts?  Is Delta in the wrong?  What is the fault of whoever provided the orders as they should have confirmed with the airport?  Not the way any deployed service member wants to be welcomed home… that’s for sure.

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one-eleven abroad said...

It was wrong, wrong, wrong!! If those extra bags were really going to break Delta's back, then the airline should have invoiced the Command but NEVER forced the soldiers to pay out of their pockets in order to get themselves and their bags home. I think they have lost many, many potential clients because of their handling of this unit, which of course is evident with their backpedaling in this article where they are quoted to blame it all on miscommunication.

Yeah, Delta, I always vote with my dollars and you are NOT a choice airline for me any longer. Pffft.