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Monday, June 20

I know that ringtone...

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

I think about that quote when I think about Diva - or Hubby being so far from Diva that he can't take care of her. 

Our Fathers Day was pretty quiet; we packed and packed and packed…. With the move just 3 weeks away, Hubby home for 10 days, my Father in Law staying with us and well LIFE I am trying to get a jump on it before this weekend.  With pending homecoming and the pending move I am very overwhelmed… then got more overwhelmed when I got an email from Hubby yesterday afternoon saying he was in their first stop on their trip back to the United StaKes (As Diva says).  I was floored as I didn’t know they had left the sandbox, I knew they were supposed to but nothing official as there had been HORRIBLE sandstorms.    After all was said and done, Diva and I watched Miss USA (I LOVE Miss USA and Miss Universe days… LOVE THEM!) which is like the Golden Globes for Hollywood Entertainment lovers.  Diva was allowed to stay up until 10, she watched opening number and swimsuit, placed her bet for winner and was off to bed with little fight.  Then back to planting my BUTT on the couch in Hubby’s spot which has become mine, known especially by my perma-butt print in the cushion… AHH HEAVEN.

So after junk food and Miss USA I was getting ready for bed when I heard Hubby’s email ringtone.  YAY!  I love catching him online assuming he was still in said European country.  So in my blurry eyed night vision (with SUPER dry contacts in my eyes) I thumb clicked my way into my email to read about the next delay to homecoming but there was nothing there, GREAT false alarm and stupid blackberry… I CAN”T WAIT TO REPLACE YOU.  I tossed my phone back on the bed but the dumb red light was still blinking so I pushed buttons and saw to my shock and surprise it was a TEXT MESSAGE!  Hubby was in the United States!  He was texting.  There in my inbox was a TEXT!  I haven’t gotten a text since R&R!  I stared blankly for a few moments and saw it said, “Hi Love! We are currently in --- and I will call you shortly”  YAY!  Shortly, call… ahhh.  Talking to him was amazing, his picture on my cell phone and a ring tone I forgot about.  YAY!
Today he is heading to another post to finish their in processing and all that fun stuff.  Now to just get him to the right time zone!  Hubby will only be home a few days before he has to finish training and then be home home but for now I will take what I can get… celebrate Fathers Day, 4th of July and just being a family!

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