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Thursday, June 23

Thoughtful Thursday - Homecoming Dress WINNER

In all the homecoming hoopla... and the packing... and the house, I have been very overwhelmed with it all.  In my overwhelmed-ness Diva has been a nightmare.  I get that kids feed off their parents and this parent is a chicken missing its head but GOOD GRIEF. 

Anyhow, I finally settled on my homecoming dress, yes DRESS.  This was the conversation with Hubby -
Me: So I was thinking a cute pair of shorts and a top for homecoming, I mean it's 108 degrees up there and you always beg me to wear shorts (incidentally, I HATE my legs in shorts!)
Hubby: Or a cute sundress wouldn't be so bad
Me: Yeah, but running around after Diva and the possibility of the pickup and twirl by you showing my butt to the world sounds less than inviting.  The shorts and top are REALLY cute.
Hubby:  A dress would be kinda cute too but it's TOTALLY up to you.

OK so dress it is!  The winner is a Purple striped sundress by Converse

On sale for $8.20 at Target!  Took into my alterations lady to shorten just a bit PLUS I am bustier than this sweet 16 year old model so there is a but of cleavage to add to the sexiness factor!


Shelly said...

Very nice choice, and what a great price!

ines said...

cute dress!!!