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Wednesday, June 1

Slimming down.... my possessions

Since Hubby left and lost almost half of himself (Thank you to Army food, 140 degree heat and spin class), and Miss Diva has grown up exponentially in the past 13 months I feel STUCK!  I look the exact same (maybe a little more muffin top but whatever!) so I feel that the world has passed me by.  I decided that in light of our pending move (Either buying or our lease being up in 2 months) I want to slim down our life!  We have FAR too much clothing, knick Knacks, CRAP, everywhere. 
Diva has an ENTIRE 6 drawer dresser PLUS an ENTIRE two level closet full of clothes and shoes... plus all the random toys she never plays with.  Mommy is going through her room tonight and making some MAJOR slimming decisions. 
Hubby has no clothes, really he has about a weeks worth of clothes that fit so I can't really get rid of much there.  When he gets home he will be going through the 4 footlockers in the garage and getting rid of that stuff.  If he didn't need it to deploy then he probably can get rid of it! 
Me - well I have gone through my stuff twice since he left and have paired down considerably and may do so again but for now I will focus on them.  I am back to running to slim my cute self down a bit so I am happier with my swimsuit body - especially next to the Adidas model I am now married to!   

With all of this said I feel stagnant... I look the same, act the same... well I am more independent but basically the same.  I don't like feeling like maybe I havent' grown as much as them because you physically can't see my growth but it's there damnit! 

Ok - so if you need girls clothes size 5 or 6.... or a dollhouse let me know!

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