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Thursday, June 9

5 Things on my thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I love link ups... so today I am linking up to the Thursday 5 from

Anyone else feel like this week should be over already?
Time to link-up and share the five things that have made you...

My older sister made me HAPPY this week.  She randomly sent me a text telling me that she was proud of me… me?  My gosh she is a new Nurse, getting her degree while raising boys and a husband... talk about PROUD.   

I am GIDDY this week after seeing friends on Monday.  Spending time with friends that have withstood the test of time is truly a blessing

I am JOYFUL for the opportunities that deployment has brought to us.  The opportunity to move forward on the best foot in both life and our love as a family.

I am EXCITED that this month is here as Hubby gets home from the sandbox this month… well not home to CA but home to the US!  I am EXCITED to sleep again without worry that something is going to happen and not have to totally avoid the news for few of anxiety!

I am APPRECIATIVE of the women that have called me virtually every day, have been my shoulder to cry on, my voice of reason and my biggest supporters during this deployment.  I realize it more as this winds down… but they have made this bearable! 

Miss Diva wanted to climb the rock wall - she did her best and didn't quit.  I was so proud of her... I need to remember the same lessons.

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Nicole said...

I agree...this has been THE longest week ever. It needs to speed up!