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Friday, June 17

MilSpouse Friday Fill In

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Judy Garland

YAY!  One week closer to HOMECOMING!  It's a weird feeling but hey... its just a pass not actual homecoming but I will take it since it means he will be stateside!

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!
This week’s questions are:

Underwear Parties, how old is too old? submitted by Wookie & Co.
What the hell is an underwear party?  I mean I love those with the Hubby... but umm well I don't think anyone else wants to see them. 
  1. What was your favorite class in high school? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared
BIOLOGY!  Fetal pig disection was my favorite thing ever... weird
  1. Have you ever convinced packers/movers to pack something they aren’t supposed to for a PCS? submitted by Ground Control to Major Mom
We have not PCS'd so no but I have heard horror stories.
  1. Blogging plays a growing roll in the media. If you were asked to embed as a blogger with a deployed military unit, would you go? What do you think your blog would be like? submitted by To the Nth
I would TOTALLY do it... Hubby would say NO just because thats what he's supposed to say.  My blog would probably host a lot of explatives and not be the Armys favorite pasttime to read.  Just sayin.
  1. Do you think kids should attend year-round school? submitted by Marrying the Navy
YES, YES, YES!  Lets limit how much their little brains forget, prepare them to be unbelievable and help working parents with daycare costs.

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Kristin said...

I may have to check out the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In---Never done one before!
Yay for homecoming!! ;)