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Tuesday, June 7

Lobsters in Bikinis!

The last 2 weekends have been ALL about the pool!  Diva loves to swim and I love to lay in the sun and relax.  I don't want to hear all about how bad the sun is and cancer...blah!  After the outbreak of leperacy in November, December AND January my skin is still all blotchy so I need a natural tan to even it out.  ANYHOO - Memorial Day weekend I laid out, like a genius, with Hawaiian Tropic OIL on for an hour and FRIED my chest (mainly in between the girls) and my shins.  Oh yeah, my heritiage is WHITE (Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Fin and a little German!) so I burn easy anyhow.  I got so immersed in watching Diva dive and reading my Kindle that I lost track of time... GREAT.  TONS of aloe and lotion later its livable and I looked like I was wearing a white bikini on the front and my back was just white.  So this past weekend I decided to lay on my stomach and try to tan the back to even it out at least a little.  NO SUCH LUCK.  Well, ok a little luck.  I FRIED my lower back and butt!  So, perma-white bikini on the bottom and only the front on top.  CRAP!
I didn't notice the butt burn until I was playing skee-ball last night and my jeans rubbed it... SERIOUSLY it must be a joke.  Maybe this weekend I can just brown up a bit and no longer look like a bikini wearing LOBSTER!
Sidenote- Diva now looks like a South American native with her rediculously quick browning skin!

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