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Monday, June 13

Doors in trees

  I don’t have nightmares anymore… haven’t in so long I can’t remember.  When I was little I had a reoccurring dream that the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood ate my sister.  I still giggle about that one.  He always chased her around my bed in our first house in Arizona… I had that dream for YEARS! 
When hubby left I had weird dreams – like saying good-bye to him over and over, weird because we have NEVER used that word in deployment.  We chose another word when he left as good-bye seemed so final.  There were even times in the beginning that one would say, “OK, I love you, bye” and hang up, ONLY to call right back and correct it with the proper salutation.  Deployment makes us VERY superstitious.

Anyhow, last night I had a dream that I was holding Diva walking down a wash with other ladies when a rush of water, like Tsunami rush, came at us.  I ran with her in my arms and then tucked her into this rock formation and held onto her with all my might.  Just as I was losing my grip a door in a tree opened (hey, it’s a dream) and we went inside.  We could hear the water hitting the door and I was scared that the pressure would break the door… then I woke up.  It was 4:47AM… an hour before I needed to get up but I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I laid there, checked my BB for Hubby emails (there were none!), tossed and turned and finally decided to go sleep with Diva.  Incidentally I know nothing about dream sequences or what they mean but I find it interesting.
Her bed is HORRIBLE.  I am investing in a pillow top or egg crate as soon as we move!  Her pillow is flat and her bed is hard.  No wonder the kids up at 6:30 am on Saturday, she is sleeping on concrete!  Its on my list of things I will buy when we move…

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