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Monday, June 6

“Baby, that really still bothers you?”

The words uttered by Hubby on Sunday’s Skype date.  HUH?  I love when he makes out of the blue question references to something that I am sure I should know about.  So I nicely ask him WTH he is talking about, I mean really l love!  He read my blog… like the WHOLE first page and was commenting that his lack of handwritten cards, and the one forgotten when he left after leave, still bothered me.  I didn’t know which one was sweeter, the fact he read my blog (he says he keeps up with me occasionally that way) or that he was concerned enough to mention it.  His witty retort was something along the lines of “umm honey… did you forget there was a war going on and I am a busy busy man?”  I laughed, almost uncontrollably, at this statement for a myriad of reasons. One MAJOR one being, that the aforementioned forgotten letter was BEFORE he left to go back so that didn’t work.  Besides, his face froze in some contorted way on Skype when this was said which just made the whole thing funny… thank you Skype.   I love him so much. 
Now that we are FULLY in June I can not begin to concele the excitement of the next few weeks.  Diva will be finishing 1st Grade, Hubby will be headed back to the states, my in-laws will be in town… then just a few weeks after that we will be moving, Diva will be starting her 3 weeks of camp and then Hubby will be home!  HOLY MOLY… all the things we have waited on for the last 14 months will be here!

This weekend little Miss Diva became the BIGGEST BOOGER.  She cried because I told her she was being a big sticky green booger!  Well it was true… she cried for 45 minutes, while daddy listened (repeating, that can’t be MY angel, are you sure it’s just over clothes…. SERIOUSLY MAN!), because I told her to make sure her clothes were put away nicely.  Apparently they weren’t before I said this.  Then she spent the evening last night rolling her eyes at me, to which she lost TV for a week.  The 7 year old attitude is just not going to fly.  Stomping down the hallway… kicking things and talking back.  YEAH, she may not happily make it to see 2nd grade.  I may just ship her off to military school in Nova Scotia or something!

Well… The weekend is over and the nervously excited countdowns begin!  All in all it was a FANTASTIC weekend.  Looking forward to packing boxes, counting down days and seeing Hubby sooner than later.  Wow, to be a ‘normal’ family again will be BIZARRE!

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