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Thursday, July 14

4 oz of diuretic drink = mamma drama!

This move MAY be the end of me.  On top of my tumble OVER Diva 2 weeks ago, my tumble OVER the baby gate AND Diva last weekend the box movement is almost WORSE.  Last night in the midst of carrying about 1 MILLION boxes into the garage my hand got slammed between a box (books I think) and a wall/door jam.  To make matters worse my engagement ring embedded itself into my finger and INSTANTLY swelled!  Then I tripped and hit my pinky toe into a box or sledgehammer… WHO KNOWS.  I do know that I am beating myself up and look like an abused wife WITHOUT a husband around.  Haha.  GOOD GRIEF!  I officially have a bruise or several on EVERY appendage.  Oh well, they should all be worth it when this move is done.

It may not look bad but I can barely move my digits and it's all swollen - I blame the ring and the box not my clumsy tired self!
I talked to Hubby this morning – he called Diva to see how she was.  ALL BETTER was her answer.  She is absolutely correct!  Her potty issues were actually MY fault.  I recently started juicing veggies and fruit for her to enjoy sans the artificial stuff.  Well, all of the stuff I was juicing contained diuretic properties~  OOPS.  I felt so bad when I found that out.  Future reference, DON”T use those veggies together.  She did LOVE the fresh juice so I will just be a little more careful not to put 4 pee producing vegetables in ONE 5oz serving.  Live and Learn I suppose. 

Life in our little world is so much better.  Looking forward to the weekend and Diva leaving for YMCA camp.  She CAN’T wait to be a big girl at camp and I am heart broken that my baby girl is going to be gone for a whole week.  PLUS side to this is that the camp uploads pictures daily of their camp adventures. 

How young is too young for camp – in your opinion?

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