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Wednesday, July 13

Halfway there... Well, mentally

Wednesday – mid way through the week. 

So yesterday was just an all around yucky day – I hate days like that because it’s not the norm for me.  I am eerily upbeat usually but man Murphy’s Law took hold of me yesterday.  I did learn that I DO NOT like when someone that is the reason for my annoyance tells me that they understand why I am mad – OH REALLY!  Your husband has been gone for 15 months, you are undertaking a HUGE move, the stress that comes along with the decisions around the move, your child is struggling with daddy being home and gone AGAIN all while you work full time and TRY to keep stability everywhere else.  Yeah, I didn’t think so!

Well all of that is behind me today – I slept horribly but woke up and just realized that life is … well what it is.  I can’t control what’s going on with the move, I can’t control what Diva is going through.  I can control how I respond to it all and that’s just what I will do.

Last night Hubby had his first study group for his class – he is determined to finish first.  He was on the phone with me at 2015 talking about the move and some other stuff that’s going on when he mentioned that his study group started at 2000!  Umm… HELLO you are not going to get top of your class by talking to me, you best get to that study group and just call me when you are done!  See – I get the importance of his school!  He hemmed and hawed for a few moments telling me that I was more important, DUH I know that, but ultimately did as requested (and secretly what he wanted to do too) and hung up.  2 hours later he called me and I was asleep – He made me giggle a bit then back to sleep I went.  His first test is Friday – I know he will do well as he is a Soldier through and through. 

As for me … DETOX is lame and I don’t want to play any more so back to good old fashion running.  LOVE this week because no kid at home means no dinner.  I am walk/running with the puppy – mainly to get ready for the Avon Walk in September… 40 miles means this girl needs to train!  So today Diva is on a field trip – mommy will pick her up for our normal night of greatness and bed on time.  Some nice bonding/talking time and hopefully re-center each other to move forward this week… I will try ANYTHING! 

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