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Tuesday, July 26

SkeeBall of Love

Do you remember the moment you realized that you were falling in love or in love with your significant other? 

For the record Hubby TOTALLY said it first, but I KNEW before the words were spoken.
We were on our 3rd date – 2 weeks after we met.  Hours of phone calls, emails, texts and MySpace messages ensued during those first 2 weeks.   Yes we both knew 3 weeks into our relationship that this is what we wanted.  We both laugh because it was at Dave and Busters – He killed me in Basketball but I SCHOOLED him in Skeeball (incidentally I still do!).  Not sure WHO walked out with this skeeball but here it is in all its glory.  I was rearranging boxes in the garage the other night and found it.  I get a giggle thinking about the fact my jeans were too big in the waist and totally showed my butt, I was trying to shoot hoops in heels and felt SUPER uncoordinated all the while falling in love with this guy that I just met. 

Several years later, Skeeball is still one of our favorite competitions and its my smiley thought when I miss him and my ONLY one UP on him.

Thank you Hubby for our dating years, our marriage, family and relationship.  I love US and can’t wait to be US breathing the same OXYGEN!

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