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Wednesday, July 27

Do you like tata's??

OF COURSE YOU DO... you either have them or like looking at them

I usually don't ask - I am the worst fundraiser for this walk sometimes BUT after getting my butt kicked walking for the last 3 years - I am asking everyone I know (virtually or otherwise) to support my upcoming walking.

Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer!

Year 1 - NO problems with my feet or anything... I trained and trained and trained.  The 2 or 3 days after the walk were tough on my ankles but I was SUPER cocky because I did it.  Hubby and Diva met my mother in law and I at the end with silly signs (Your Breast Performance!)
Year 2 - No major issues again but I did train less... still somewhat cocky from previous year.  Hubby met us end of day 1 but thanks to Drill in San Diego was not available end of day 2.  Grabbed our bags and just headed home... pretty anti climactic!
Year 3 - SUPER cocky so I didn't train.  BAD BAD BAD idea!!!  Ended up with either Planters Faciitis or Tendonitis somewhere around mile 10 on DAY 1!!  NO BUENO!  I pushed through, took my weight in Aleve and walked a bit slower... ok ALOT slower than I am used to BUT I made it to the wellness village.  Day 2 was a slow start and a tender ankle but determination was there.  I started to cry around mile 11 (Mile 37) due to uneven terrain and not being able to control the bend or flex of my left foot.  I CROSSED the finish line - barely walked for 2 days.  No Hubby - thank you US Army AGAIN.  Went home and took care of my Diva!
Year 4 - I am TRAINING and will beat my finish from last year... We finished 656/657 out of 2400 walkers!!!  Yes - I will run on a damaged ankle just to finish... my pain is no comparison!

Like so many others - Breast Cancer has touched my life... sadly not just once.  For the FOURTH year I am walking in honor of 6 great and inspiring women who have impacted my life.  These women are all amazing and each step I take in my 39.3 mile journey will be for them and others like them that have been faced with the challenges of breast cancer. It will be for their families and friends that saw them through their tough times and were there to rejoice in even the smallest victory. Thank you to each of them for their story and for being the driving force and inspiration behind this walk.

Victory for me will be crossing the finish line again (hopefully being able to walk, unlike last year) and surpassing my fundraising goal, and I hope you will be part of it. Please take this opportunity to honor the women you love by donating to the cause.

Each person that walks will have a pink item with their name on it photographed at their chosen mile marker!  I saw this last year and just LOVED the idea so by the end of the walk I will have a bunch of pink items (cant decide if I want flowers or butterflies) thanking my sponsors for their support. 

If you can, please donate by clicking the picture above- every dollar really makes a difference.I

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