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Monday, July 25

Our Two's - Bieber and Southwest!

What a few days –

I picked Diva up from her week at camp – the kid was FILTHY! I asked her if she actually showered at camp, to which she responded: “Tuesday and Thursday were shower days!” EWW.  Please tell me sweet Diva you brushed your teeth daily, “OF COURSE MOMMY, I didn’t want stinky breath” 2 showers in 6 days and breath was your concern... oook!  She got in the car and immediately informed me that she did not like sleeping in a cabin because the girls snored!  Funny coming from the child that, just 10 minutes later, was waking the dead snoring.  Haha.  Then she decided to take off her shoes... NASTY.  She was covered in blisters... and dirt.  We got home, to an Edible Arrangements from Hubby for my birthday, hit a good dinner... a little swimming then it was BATH TIME!  Even after all the swimming the soap suds were still yellow (paint from camp) and brown tinted.  EEWWW! Clean and in her clean new bed... she was out like a light. 

She woke up on Saturday SUPER excited for camping with Gramma Shiloh - and her first airplane trip ALONE!  After a fun day together that including this Princess learning how to use her new dryer (which had no gas hooked up, stupid Lowes guy!), I put her on her flight with every cliche'd parent thing to say - No strangers, no potty, just sit in your seat - blah blah.  My big girl is just too much these days!  Another week without my loves... soon.... soon!

I was on a mission to get Diva's room totally done before she came home but that proved it was impossible - I got a good majority done and she is just THRILLED with how it currently looks.  I can't wait to finish it and surprise her again.  I still have a Bieber poster and some small mirrors and curtains to add... can’t wait until its ALL done!

Our room is coming along – HA HA RIGHT!  I just keep moving crap from one side of the bed to the other and back.  Talked to Hubby about our room last night – said he can’t wait to come home and sleep in his bed.  HAHA – I wanted to pee from laughing.  Like I can FIND his side of the bed currently, I mean really?!.  ONE big PLUS is that my closet is almost done – that makes me feel relaxed because I can actually find things to wear. I have spent the last week digging through boxes and bins to find my clothes... NOT anymore!  Now to move on to Hubby's clothes, I am sure he will be dying for civilian's after 16 months of ACU's.

Then... yesterday I celebrated our 2's with my Grandma - we are 50 years apart almost to the day so this was my 32nd and her 82nd birthday.  YAY!  Love you Gram!

Is there anything you do first when you move?

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