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Thursday, July 7

Does NOT smell like roses!

In this last month before our orders are through I have decided to detoxify my body, my house and my life!  YIPPEE. 

I decided to start a 10 day cleanse today (Core Active Natural Cleanse) to help detoxify my body, start me back on a healthy weight loss kick and clear my mind.   I try to do these every January to start the year with a clean body – I have been doing this since 2003 and LOVE the way I feel afterwards.  Its usually a good way to start fresh mentally and physically.  I have been lazy for the past few months…. I blame it on lack of time but truth is I have been lazy.  Then Hubby came home with his 7% body fat, 7 minute miles and washboard abs and I have decided that I miss my old body and want it back.  Here we go!

Then there is the house!  Oh LORDY I have so much stuff to get rid of!  I packed Diva’s room into 4 boxes; the rest is being sold/donated, most listed on Craigslist and my DOWNSIZING BLOG (everything available to ship as well).  I NEED to get packing too… the 8 days that Hubby was home were a wash for packing.  I have learned through my PLETHORA of moves that the BEST time to simplify is when you have to pack crap wonderful memories!  Like Hubby’s footlockers still full since his 2006 deployment (which he just picked up in 2010 before this deployment, until now they have been sitting in a ConEx in San Diego), to which my response has ALWAYS been if you didn’t need it for this deployment is it really needed??  Hopefully when he gets home from ALC he will use that leave time to go through his stuff and throw crap away simplify. 

Detox is also going to our life – I want to get toxic people out, toxic lifestyle decisions corrected and change to a positive aura.  Ok – this is all BS.  I am not little Suzie Sunshine, no rainbows flying out of my butt; I don’t wake up talking to small animals like Cinderella… I do want to TRY to increase positivism and be calmer and ZEN like Hubby.  I want to get Diva to be a little healthier – it breaks my heart when she talks about how other kids call her fat because of her belly.  I think she is perfect, as do most people, BUT her little small Asian friends are the height of a grasshopper and weigh about as much as a feather… while Diva is ½ El Salvadorian and ½ Lord knows what her birth mom is (I know her birth mom is/was obese) so weight and body size will always be a struggle for Diva.  We have always worked on healthy eating choices, portions and just healthy living.  I have decided that we are detoxing her little life too – not with a cleanse product just in general!

Funny thing about Detox and Cleansing – In the end it’s the sh*t that goes away; that goes for Body, Life, and house!

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