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Thursday, July 28

Thoughtful Thursday – the Deployment Team!

Have you ever dealt with companies Deployment Team?  Sprint has one, Verizon has one, most MAJOR credit card companies have them... and USAA has one (which is the one that I rely on MOST!)  These are the groups that help deployed military confirm that their policies and contracts are handled properly. 

So I called USAA this morning - We have our auto/renters insurance taken out automatically twice a month in the SAME amount.  Well this morning I looked at the account and to what do my wandering eyes see... 4 TOTALLY different amounts taken out of our account in LESS than 30 days.  $50, $685, $30 and $93!  I called the nice people in USAA Insurance to question the random charges, which totally defeat my budgeting and the REASON I set up the autopay (well that and I kept forgetting to pay it).  The nice man starts looking into the account and finds out that the $685 wasn’t actually taken out of our checking account, it was an escrow thing BUT the others were correct.  I asked WHY my AUTO policy was so high all of a sudden to which he responds, “Well your Comp and Collision deductibles are zero and there is a little added premium for 2 drivers on 1 car”.  My jaw hit the floor (oh and this was after 28 minutes on the phone), “Sir, my husband has been deployed for 15 months now so unless I am covering insurance on his humvee in Iraq I shouldn’t be paying for him to be insured”.  He puts me on hold (10 minutes), comes back and says that he will be putting me on hold AGAIN to speak to his manager to SEE about getting me a retroactive credit for all the OVERCHARGING for the past year... he will SEE about it because I did contact them and provide all his deployment information.  SO ANNOYING!  I would have thought with the MILLION times I have spoken to them and their deployment department over the past 16 months someone would have caught this.... apparently not!  CRAP.  After a total of 45 minutes on the phone and being on hold for an additional 15 minutes he came back on the line asking to call me back in 20 minutes – No problem!

OVER an hour later he called me back to tell me that he was crediting me backdating to October BUT had submitted to his manager to backdate our account to April 2010 – when he left for AT – I should see a credit on our next bill.  I WOULD SAY SO THERE BUDDY!  Over charging me for 15 months... good grief.  I am OVERJOYED that I found this mistake though -

It isn’t helping that my dumb butt went and got sick!  I do not have the time or patience to be sick.  I got about 16 hours of sleep yesterday and am still tired and yucky feeling – at least with out a husband around I don’t get asked if I am PG.  I swear as soon as a woman of child bearing age gets the flu people feel that they just MUST ask if she is pregnant. 

Have a MAGICAL Thursday~!

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