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Tuesday, July 5

Cool Whip on Hot Dogs!

I LOVE LOVE the 4th of July!  This year was the first with my husband and fireworks since 2008!  With it also being homecoming week we have been through a whirlwind just in time for him to leave for ALC!  Oh yes, 8 days home and gone for ALC… the Army is my current love/hate relationship.

This last week has been full of family, Angels Baseball (we got to attend batting practice ON THE FIELD!), showing off our new home, and fireworks last night… TOPPED off with a trip to the airport this morning.  I am exhausted.  Diva is ready for a good nights sleep in her bed; she happily gave up her room to my inlaws so she could have a campout in the living room.  Last night was a GRAND TOTAL of 5 hours of sleep for her before getting up to take daddy. 

*SIDENOTE** I HATE when people stare, it’s rude and totally unnecessary.  This morning we took hubby to the airport bound for Ft Bliss to attend ALC for the next month-ish, he was dressed in civilians but since he was on Army order we were able to accompany him to the gate.  We ate a Starbucks breakfast and just giggled and talked about the past week and all of the fun we had.  Then it was time for him to board… Diva LOST it.  Cried and Cried… begged me for daddy not to leave again.  It was horrible.  I felt bad enough for her but when I picked her up to comfort her I noticed people were just STARING.  Nope, not saying a word just staring.  I wanted to scream for them to take a picture of the crying child.  I know they didn’t know that her daddy had been gone for 14 months already and home only a week before leaving again but why stare.  She is a child, she is crying in an airport… GOOD GRIEF!

So our 4th – We got to show our new house to my brother and sister in law, my father in law and his wife… and continue to fall in love.  Then Father in law had to leave to head home to Nevada, Hubby had to pack, I got to buy a new washer/dryer… then headed to mom in laws for dinner and fireworks.  For the first time in over a year my little family, my mom in law and my brother in law and his wife all got together for a holiday (they moved to Florida last year).  We had a BLAST.  The boys lit fireworks in the street,  Sis in law and I bonded over life and counter tops… mom in law got her boys together and the night culminated with us all trying cool whip on a hot dog.  Why… we have no idea but we did it and it was not as bad as one would thing but not something I will ever do again.

I will upload some pics and some thoughts on homecoming and transition soon… my thoughts on how it is are formulating slowly.

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