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Tuesday, July 12

Whats next?!

New day but still pissed at the Army – This morning Diva was just an all around pain.  Threw a fit after I took her shoe away (If it belongs on your foot it DOESN’T belong in your mouth and vice versa), that threw her into a COMPLETE tailspin that resulted in kicking things, screaming and generally acting like a spoiled 2 year old!.  I was basically about as fed up as possible with it so I kept her shoe and made her walk into daycare without 1 shoe on just to prove a point, in which she continued carrying on (screaming and the whole nine, even refusing to take a step) until I picked her up like a baby and carried her in.  Not sure the proper parenting here but WOW, I was out of options.
I called Hubby who was busy cleaning barracks and had to call me back – I get that, really I do.  He is in school and has responsibilities but I am his wife and I am drowning here!  Mistress, Wife, Mistress, Wife... who's winning here!
When he was finally able to call me back, we spoke for a whopping 4 minute conversation where I feel like he just talking out of obligation.  Again, I get that I am in a HORRIBLE mood and he is doing what he needs to be doing.   He is a great husband but I stand by the fact that he has NO CLUE what it's like to single parent kids in addition to every other responsibility we have.  Their day is so structured: Up, Formation, School, PT - throw in chow and studying. 
My day is packed and it is getting more ridiculous!
  1. Get Diva up, showered and dressed
  2. Pack Diva for Girl Scout camp (shirt, hat, swaps)
  3. Pack lunch AND dinner for her
  4. Pack my own food
  5. Get myself ready
  6. Oh crap – the dogs.  Must potty and feed dogs
  7. FINALLY drop her off and get to work
  8. Work 9+ hours
  9. HOLD THE PHONE- Diva FORGOT her bag for camp tonight so I have to run home before 2 and pick it up and deliver it to her
  10. Back to work and finish up all the random things I need to do here
  11. Meet painter to go over samples
  12. Home to run the puppy/myself
  13. Pack more of the house (often repacking crap that Diva has dug through)
  14. Deal with USAA because they are morons
  15. Get Diva home, bathed and in bed by 9:30
  16. Pack until midnight (we have a lot of crap!)
  17. Hopefully get some sleep since I am currently going on about 4 hours of EXTREMELY restless sleep and Lord knows if I get sick I am up a creek!

Then I get up and do it all again for the rest of the week – BUT Friday/Saturday I get to throw in the actual move (with really minimal help - need to hire movers I think) and packing Diva for a week away at camp.  I know that Hubby feels bad about not being here but he doesn’t really seem like it.  I want him to focus on school so he can finish top of his class and pick up SFC this winter BUT I am TIRED. 

On a better note… I am REALLY loving my new position at work.  Even though I am still doing most of my old job in addition to my new I still love it!  JEEZ – always something with my tiara and his ACUs!


A Creed and A Psalm said...

WOW! lol you should change your name to Superwoman. Even without having a kid in the mix I feel overwhelmed with responsibility when the hubs is away. And the quick little "yeah, yeah, ok, yeah" phonecalls really don't help us either! Hire movers if you need to - don't kill yourself over trying to do too much by yourself! Props to you, girl!

Shana said...

I want to hire moviers... I really do. BUT I worry that they will then know I am alone with a small child and that could be a problem too. haha.