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Tuesday, July 19

Brandywine Paradise!

I met with the house painter yesterday - we need to just put a fresh paint inside.  He brought me samples to decided on the interior color and I couldn't pull the trigger.  First they were both shades of WHITE!  Did you know there are like 30 shades of white?! From pink to peachy, taupy to grey and even BLUE.  Nope - he painted a spot on the wall and it looked white to me - too much stress so I am defaulting to Hubby to help when he gets home next month.  Until then my living room furniture will remain in my garage and the 19" TV in my room.  haha

I LOVE to paint myself so last night I started the home painting with Diva's room.  Since she is gone at camp it's the easiest time to paint and organize her room.  The wallpaper was TERRIFYING until I lifted a corner and it all basically just came off!  There were a few minor spots where I had to finess it but over all easy peezy!  Thank you to Hubby's Mom (Mom Villa - like Bob Villa) for her wisdome!

Here is Diva's list of wants:

Hot pink room
Mirrored closet doors
a chalkboard wall
a crystal chandelier ($99 at Lowes)
TV/DVD player

Here is the reality Miss Diva

Brandywine/Velvet Purple WALL (it's almost magenta folks!)
White currently installed closet doors (we shall talk mirrors at a later date!)
a chalkboard 16x24 framed wall spot
a crystal table lamp (thank you Goodwill!)
TV with no cable and a DVD player

Last night I got the colored wall painted and the white walls painted.  Tonight I will be tackling the kitchen while her room continues to dry. 

Tomorrow is my first ADULT girls night in so long!  I am excited to have dinner with a friend who may be an inlaw someday - our kids are boyfriend/girlfriend since Diva chose to kiss the poor boy!

Here is where we started:

Current wall/ Dunn Edwards color


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Kristi said...

Looks like a fun project!