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Friday, December 17

Yep... I did it!

It happened… yep, after 5 months I finally did it.  I called BD cell phone on accident.  I was lonely and wanted to talk to him about something so I just dialed the number…. I was just heartbroken and felt stupid when I realized what I had done and the Sprint message came up saying the number was on hold.  Then I felt lonelier than ever…. Then I started to laugh.  I thought about what he was going to say when I told him, and how silly it was…. And how great R&R will be and then my mind got so full of other stuff I wasn’t sad.  Really…. Oh good grief, maybe I have officially lost it?  Isn’t the mind the first thing that goes?

I am so excited about the weekend.  Diva and I have a bunch of stuff planned.  Tonight is our big Daisies holiday party, yep… this mom is the co-leader!  I get to rush home after work to make a Christmas tradition, truth be told I am SO happy that I have a 6 year old because I convinced her that the item I am making is something that I have made EVERY Christmas morning however, yep… you guessed it, I have NEVER made this for Christmas.  Our Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at mom in laws, Christmas morning at our place and then BD goes to work and I spend the afternoon alone with Diva cleaning up from the morning.  That’s been our Christmas since we have been married… I always feel blessed that he gets to be there for presents Christmas morning so the afternoon is really just not a big deal.
Well… onto our weekend.  Tomorrow is a beach cleanup, a Daisy event and visiting shelter dogs.  How fun!  Then Sunday…. Well Sunday is baking day.  I am very excited about that.  I love family baking day… usually it’s the 4 girls (Diva and I, my mom in law and my sis in law) bake 3 or 4 types of cookies while the boys put up the Christmas lights.  This year… well TOTALLY different.  It’s the 3 girls …. And no boys.  Sad and different but I think we are all getting used to it.  I am looking forward to making Daddy’s favorite cookies and mailing them to him for the New Years.  Got to get that box done this weekend too; I love the themed boxes.  This one will have to be all NYE stuff…. Yippee

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