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Wednesday, December 8

Lets talk about....

Dear Random ‘Friend/Acquaintance”,
Thank you so much for the concern about my sex life.  Yes, I do realize my husband left 5 months ago… and yep that means 5 months without sex!  No, I do not need an invite to a Naughty Girl or Brown Bag party. First of all if my husband was HOME you would not be asking me the last time we were intimate would you?  HIGHLY doubtful!  Please don’t ask again as I am all good.


His Princess

First off... I LOVE this old Salt N Pepa song.  I remember singing it before I even knew what it meant.  Along with Push It.  Now that I do, see the comedy. 

Yes, the above note is due to an overwhelming interest in my sex life, or lack thereof.  It has become quite the topic for people for some ODD reason.  Friends, acquaintances and an occasional family member seem to have NO problem asking me if I need toys. Umm, really?! .  I am, by far, not the most conservative person but there are still some things that I just don’t think are appropriate for conversation… this being one of them.  I would not elaborate on my intimacy with my husband, nor should you ask.  Do you think that the addition of cold plastic instead of a warm body is the thing that makes the conversation appropriate?  I did attend a Naughty Girl party thrown by a fellow military wife.  This was shortly after my husband left, it was a group of deployed wives and we were NUTS.  IT was so much fun to be around other ladies that just got it.  I don’t have many military friends, joys of the reserves, so to have people just get it was nice.  Ok… so then the toys and the other things came out of the Party Gals box.  I was overwhelmed to say the least.  We played and passed each item, giggling like children most of the time.  Ladies mentioned if they had or had used a particular product, giving or asking for reviews.  This was totally acceptable to me as it was a group of ladies and no one was being overtly sexually personal. 

However, with all of this said… please don’t think that I need you, random person, to ask me if I need toys or a booty call (yep got that offer as well).  I am human, I miss being intimate with my love BUT that does not mean I want to have a conversation about it.

Enough Said!

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