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Tuesday, December 14

YAY, it’s Monday! OH WAIT…

I was so overwhelmed with LIFE yesterday that I didn’t hit publish, so it’s TUESDAY.  An even BIGGER YAY!

Diva and I had an excruciatingly busy weekend… wait is that even a word?  Well. It’s my blog so, yes excruciatingly is a word.  Anyhow, we went to see our first hockey game of the season… I LOVE hockey and Big Daddy loves hockey so it’s a great love.  Diva has learned she doesn’t have a choice, haha.  She loves the music and the chanting… but has yet to figure out anything about the game.  BUT her love of the aforementioned noise gives me 3 periods of hockey.  So I do not complain.  I don’t think that Diva, Big Daddy and I have ever attended a hockey game together… huh, interesting!  Anyhow, Diva crashed on my lap during the second period… pointing out that there were 3 goals scored and she never even twitched.  That’s daddy’s girl!  So, when the game went to a shootout I realized it would be WAY easier to coral/guide a half sleeping child through EMPTY halls so we left.  DOWNFALL… 4” boots and we were 8rows from the ice and my almost 7 year old was ASLEEP.  Yep, I carried her up 10 rows… no help was even offered THANKS SO CAL PEOPLE!  Get to the top, almost fell over… sat her down long enough to wake her up enough to walk.  Some man in a suit commented from the top… “Wow and you did that in THOSE, impressive”  Yes, thank you juice box (I got busted a few years ago calling a fellow driver a douche bag, so it has been changed to juice box to keep mommy out of trouble) So… home we headed and yes I ended up carrying her quite a bit.  My calves were BURNING the next morning.  But no rest for this Army wife.
Saturday was Diva’s date with daddy… then off to a HUGE milestone in our family.  My big sister fulfilled the first part of her lifelong dream and was pinned an unlicensed RN!  Yep, I have a cool big sis that I can now call for all my ailments BEFORE I waste ANY more time in the doctor’s office… I always wanted her to be an obstetrics nurse so she could deliver my babies… yes thought it would be cool.  Anyhow… I am so proud of her BUT with Diva and her snot we had to head home for a nap.  3 hours later, yes Diva was feeling that crappy…. I wrapped almost all my Christmas gifts and watched ‘Its Complicated’, cute but ehhh….  Saturday night we went to friends for pizza and a movie.  Diva LOVES hanging out with her friends and I love that I can relax for a few moments.  It doesn’t hurt that they live in our complex so we can just walk.
Sunday was THE DAY!  Skype in the morning with BD * see next post *, then off to see the Nutcracker Ballet in San Diego with friends, what an amazing show!  Diva just watched in awe and has decided that ballet will be her next extracurricular… this week.  After the calmness of the ballet it was off to see HOCKEY.  My new favorite sport.  I love hockey, I love the fights, I love the fans… the energy and excitement.  We get there just in time for the puck to drop (I misread the time and thought we were going to be 30 minutes late instead of early! YAY ME!) So we changed IN THE CAR on our drive from our cute summer (86 degree weather) sundresses to hockey appropriate Uggs and skinny jeans.  After an awesome game, we won 6-2 and a Diva on the jumbo tron we headed to grammy’s for a visit then home. 

PHEW I WAS BEAT!  Still am, to be honest.  Haha.  I love being a mommy, I love being a Princess… and I love my Diva and Soldier!

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