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Tuesday, December 14

Arguing SUCKS

** I have a WHOLE separate issue here…. Getting mad at him via skype. So arguing in a relationship SUCKS, whether you are together or apart.  BUT Skype arguing is the worst.  It’s delayed, pixilated and just generally that much more aggravating.  Big Daddy and I had a minor disagreement over the current raising of our beautiful Diva.   Lately too many people have been giving me their TWO CENTS on how and what I do with her.  Yes, she is 6 however at 6 she is able to sit through a board meeting, do her homework, meet and politely greet new people regardless of their position.  On the flip side she is a total spaz that loves to dance and entertain EVERYONE in our section at a hockey game and has a HUGE ambition to get on a jumbo tron at a hockey game (BY THE WAY… she did that on Sunday!)  So forgive me for having a full time job.  Yes… people don’t get that I work outside of the home.  My normal day is up at 5:30 – shower and get myself ready(ish) then get Diva up at 6:30 and ready, lunch made and out the door BY 7.  Drop her cute self off, and then head to work.  Work is over and, depending on the day it’s either kickboxing or a board meeting, then home for dinner, homework, playtime, reading, bath and then bed.  She is in bed by 7:30/8.  Oh and this is with the exception of a Daisy troop things OR gymnastics. WHEW!
Yes, that is a normal day for us.  So… if I can pick her up and have her come to a meeting with me, learn about helping others and giving back in addition to how to properly behave then I think it’s worth it.  Besides its just that much more time she gets to spend being a big girl with mommy!  Well, Saturday morning a friend commented that I ‘shuttle’ Diva everywhere and am not keeping up with my parental duties… oh and let me point out that Diva is pretty much either at school or with me.  It irritated me…   Then yesterday BD decided he would ask WHY.  Ok, in my defense now I don’t remember the exact verbiage but I thought he was being rhetorical not literal so I flipped.  I was so mad that I felt like he was questioning my parenting.  25 minutes later we had to hang up and I was mad still.  I hate arguing with him.  Yes, he is an amazing father and I know that his love for us is infinite.  I know NOW that he wasn’t questioning me or the situation he was just inquiring.  At the time, trying to rush to the aforementioned events on Sunday I was snippy and tired and basically just annoyed.

So in short… don’t fight on Skype.  Its, sadly better than email because at least you can somewhat get context of the conversation BUT it’s just no good!  Or in the words of Diva, it’s No BUENO!

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Letters From Home said...

Holy moly it's like I wrote this myself. I can so relate. As if parenting weren't hard enough then you have the well meaning morons that like to comment on things. Hmmph. Hope your day is better. ((hugs))