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Thursday, December 23

All I want for Christmas is....

My soldier home.... haha.  Ok, my two front teeth just sounded weird.  I am so happy about tomorrow being Christmas Eve and my family being here.  Diva has the coolest gift to open tomorrow night... even I am excited about it.  Thank you to the military programs for making this possible - he was able to record himself reading 2 books to her on DVD.  I can't wait for her to see this.... and honestly I cant wait to see him.  I mean Skype is nice but to see my amazing husband without pixelated freezing screen... talking to his daughter.  Nothing is hotter to me.
Yep, my husband is H-O-T!  I love it... I love seeing him and knowing how hot he is.  hee hee. I can't wait for R&R, just over 100 days left!!!!

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