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Tuesday, December 7

Spot… I see spots!

On Thursday I finally went to the doctor for this stupid cold and dry spot on my chest.  I swear, if it’s not one thing its another.  The spot had gotten bigger and I figured if I was already there then why not have it looked at too. 
*Side Note* When we went on orders and got Tricare I had to switch ALL of my doctors.  This is a HUGE pain and inconvenience because next year I will have to switch them all back.

Ok… so I go visit new Doctor guy who is very pleasant, only kept me waiting about 35 minutes total (Not so bad because I had to fill out about 7000 forms knowing full well they would ask me about them in the office anyhow).  I get into the office and he about 80 years old, from South Africa and sweet as can be.  So… he starts asking me all of the same questions from the aforementioned paperwork.  Allergies, surgeries, current medications… I answer all honestly.  He looks at my chart and asks if I am married, YEP, so you are using WHICH form of birth control.  I smiles and clearly said, “Deployment, it’s the best form sir”.  He laughs and asks a few other questions and then starts diagnosing my cold.  Yep, just the common take Nyquil and sleep kind… yes, did I mention I have a 6 year old and my husband is gone… what the hell is sleep!  Then the stupid spot… yep, dog or cat scratch caused allergic reaction.  Here is some medication for that.  Enjoy.
YIPPEE… the spot should be gone by my BIG event Saturday night.  I was elated.  I took the rest of the day off to sleep, and I got to have a little secret Skype talk with Big Daddy.  This was the first time we have been able to talk alone.  His roommate was gone, no Diva running in and out asking 1001 questions.  It was so nice to flirt with him… and maybe tease him just a little.  Haha. 
Fast forward to Saturday.  I was trying on gowns for Saturday night and guess what Diva says to me… of course standing virtually naked… Mommy, WHAT is all over your tummy?  I look in the mirror and I have bumps, itchy red bumps!  I thought my skin was dry and that’s why I was itchy… WRONG! 
Here we are on MONDAY… I slept a grand total of 3 itchy hours last night and have wanted to crawl out of my skin all day long.  BD thinks its mildly funny, my mom is convinced that its chicken pox, mom in law said bed bugs and my guess is that I am allergic to the Thursday meds. 

Off to the doctor I go.  Did I mention he has been practicing medicine for 55 years!


Lydia said...

that's awful! hopefully it's not bed bugs (eek) or chicken pox!

Shana said...

It's just a stupid allergic reaction to SOMETHING... 3 doctors couldnt figure it out. So right now my body looks like a braille story. haha.