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Monday, December 20

He LOVES me... PHEW!

So... the big thing I did...  My husband was hysterical in his response but he knows that I am not an impulsive anything.  He actually told me that the last two things I fell in love with made him know that this was perfect... those two things were him and Diva.   Isn't he sweet!
Yes, I added to my already swamped plate with a cute new puppy.  He is 8 months and a rescue... we now have a pound puppy named ROGER.  He is a Jack Russel/Welsh Corgi mix.    Yes, the perfect military name.  haha.  Last night he slept with our 6 year old Shih-tzu and they are friends, thank goodness.  haha. 

Diva and Daddy on Skype!  Wow... my desk is a mess.

Yesterday was also a date day for daddy and Diva.  She had her hot cocoa in hand and so did he.  She is finally starting to understand and appreciate Skype for what it is... glorified TV.  They have had two awesome dates where their interaction was more than one worded answers and spinning in the chair (yes, Diva LOVES to spin!).  Usually I leave but keep Skype open on my phone and IM him occasionally to make sure that things are still going well.  I get about 10 minutes on a great day... this weekend I got almost 30!  How wonderful.

Then it was the girls baking day.... sadly this is usually a pretty big deal.  All 4 girls (mom in law and sis in law included) converge at mom in laws house and bake while the boys hang lights.  This year it's 3 girls and no boys.  BOO!  We still had fun and made mint chocolate brownies and cresent cookies.  Really it's just another excuse for my mother in law and I to hang out and Diva to not have to clean her room. 

T-MINUS 4 days before my family gets here... LOTS of work to do.  Happy Christmas week all.


Sailor Bride said...

What a cute puppy! I think it's so great that skype is around for folks to use. We don't use it, but I make videos of me cooking, or decorating and send them to my hubby. Stupid stuff of me just being me. I can't wait for him to get the first disc!

Shana said...

He is going to LOVE that! I watch the video of my husband shaving on his last day home all the time... it's so funny to me. haha.