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Wednesday, December 29

HOLY SMOKES... It's getting close!

When Big Daddy left I kept the house PERFECT for him, I guess I wasn't ready to accept that he was in fact gone.  Then I got a little lazy and allowed the house to be less than military inspection worthy, I let the garage pile up and turn into a junk drawer... I didnt' finish my decorating and never cleaned out the office closet as I planned.  I knew that I had 9 months until he was home....  well, we are now just over 90 days from R&R.  The time has just flown by.  NOW I need to get my butt into gear and get these things done.  I started Monday on the garage and it’s almost done!  When he got home from his last deployment he left 3 or 4 footlockers at the unit until this past March… needless to say most were things that were totally unneeded for him.  I was able to empty most of our stuff into these footlockers… then my Grandmother gave me her and her fathers footlockers from WWI and WWII!  These are WAY easier to stack and fill than the Rubbermaid containers!  Last night, I brought in a 20 Gal tub of just pictures and emptied that out, throwing things away and putting loose pictures into albums.  That feels good.  Today is one more container to go through, then tomorrow is the final day for donations and mom in law is coming to get the remaining plastic tubs so I can park in my garage.  Did you know that’s where you are supposed to park… which would be so nice in all this rain! 
Next stop is the office, I need to clean out the closet and finish putting up his military wall.  I am thinking about getting a new desk so I have more wall space to put up his stuff.  Then it will be just minor tweaks throughout until he gets home.
I am amazed at how this time has flown.  We are currently in the double digits and because we waited SO long for this we will never have more than 99 days before we see each other.  I am so happy that this is on the back end.  We hit half way on Monday; maybe that was the turning point in my head.  I don’t know what it was but here we go….

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