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Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Whether your service member is here or not enjoy the day.  We were able to Skype with Big Daddy tonight for a few moments... my whole family got to say hello.  This was quite a treat because I talked to him for over an hour this morning.  I feel so blessed to have this option.  This evening was tough, I cried.  I hate not having him here for the holidays, it's our favorite holiday to celebrate. It was growing up for me and it was growing up for him so our mutual love of Christmas has carried over into our marriage and Diva's life. 
I spent an hour tonight trying to get his laptop to work in the living room, hooked up to my desk top so that he can log on and we can open presents via skype tomorrow morning.... crap THIS morning as its after 2am!  I am CRAZY... Thank you to Cox Communications for having a 24 hour customer service that is open on Christmas Day too.  I told the guy that he just made a 6 year old's Christmas as that was one of the only things that she asked for.  She did open her DVD's tonight but didnt get to watch them because he called on Skype and his own voice was too loud in the background.  Haha.  She was so excited to see him. CUTE moment. 
I better get to making breakfast prep....


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