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Wednesday, December 22

I need an Ark!

This is not a day that I want to be driving... I want to be home cuddled up with my love watching stupid chick flicks... lounging and doing whatever it is married people do with kids at school.  Beyond that desire... Rain SUCKS!
It has not stopped raining more than 10 minutes in the last 4 days!  Everything is flooded, there are mudslides in places that it makes no sense... TOO MUCH WATER! Took me over an hour to drive 6.9 miles!  STUPID TRAFFIC... and people.  Poor Roger needs a good run but there is not much I can do in the pouring rain!  This is just ridiculous.  I told Big Daddy... he laughed and said that he wished it had rained there.  Well... he can have it. 
At this point I am not sure if my family will make it for Christmas, my Grandma is whining about the rain and her health... Diva wants to wear skirts because one of her little friends is.  Can it just be January 1st already... at least then BD will be home in the same year!  Yep... I am grumpy. 

The weather we have had in Southern California this year has just kept me grumpy... no joy in gloomy weather.  It can all just go away and give me my sun back... I pay sunshine tax for a reason darnit!