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Tuesday, December 21

T Minus 3 days

I have a relatively large family when we ALL get together (my sister has 5 rugrats all by herself!)... but for Christmas I get the pleasure of my parents, my 15 year old brother and my Grandma all staying at our home.  Incidentally we live in a 1275SF, 3 bedroom apartment.  I have made room for everyone and know that someone will complain.  This year my father in law and his wife won't be able to make the trip due to the weather coming out of Nevada... this is the first Christmas he hasn't been down in 19 years.  Diva doesn't know that Grandpa isn't coming down, I haven't had the heart to break it to her but I know that she will be happy seeing my parents and brother. 
My parents live out of state and I only get to see them twice a year so Christmas will be nice for 3 days... and I get to hang out with my brother.  Having a 15 year old brother causes its own issues, people question if he is my kid because we look alike... they have done this since I was 16!  Yes, awkward conversation for a 16 year old about protection with the grocery store lady.  Umm... ma'am I have only kissed 1 boy, so having a baby really isn't an issue here.  Thanks though for explaining the use of 'rubbers' to me in front of a line of people simply because I am carrying a baby.  Diva has dark brown hair and olive skin... Big Daddy is part Japanese so she took after him and NOT me.  Funny enough people ask me if I am her nanny! 
My Grandma is also staying at my house... so I get to deal with the joys of a new puppy and oxygen tubing!  Sadly... I will believe all these people showing up when I see their shiny faces at my house and not a moment sooner... usually they are the ones that let me down first.  With Big Daddy gone for Christmas I know it will be hard and I couldn't handle my family letting me down but if they do, I am sure it will be the same excuses I have heard my whole life.


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