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Tuesday, December 28


This weekend was insanity, pure and total insanity.  I am just amazed at how much family is wonderful and draining at the same time.  Its just CRAZY.  We had my family staying with us, so that was a total of 6 people in our 1270SF apartment, plus our 2 dogs and cat.  Then Christmas morning brought my mother in laws smiling face.  Ok  I was bless to be able to talk to BD 4 days on Skype this weekend AND Skype decided that it wanted to cooperate with us and he was able to stay on the ENTIRE time that Diva opened her presents.  What a blessing that was.  To be able to watch him just light up seeing her gifts, mine and his.  It was great!
Then Sunday, after the family left we got to chat a bit.  We are both just counting down to R&R now… just under 100 days.  By that time we will be at a year since this all started.  It’s weird with the reserves.  He left for training on April 23, for almost 2 months, then home for 12 days and gone.  So it’s been a long time coming.  Monday I was stuck home so another day of Skype~ YAY!  That’s a months worth of Skype in just 4 days. 
This weekend for NYQ we are off to Bakersfield to see some friends.  The husband is vacationing with mine so the wife and I have gotten extremely close.  They also have 2 little boys that are Diva’s age.  Diva has decided that she will marry the older one while the little one (he’s 4) is my boyfriend while daddy is gone.  Umm... Ok!  We love our little get together’s and try to get together every few months to just chill.  She and I will be lifelong friends, something I love about the military.  There is a bond that is created when you experience something like this together.

Sidenote- My Christmas tree never arrived but my husband and his roommate vow to put it up upon receipt no matter the holiday…. Stupid USPS!

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