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Wednesday, December 15

A special place in ..... for the USPS

We have been at war in Iraq for what over 9 years now and the postal service still sucks!  I am simply amazed that in all this time we still can't quite figure out postage for our military!  I mailed a Christmas tree to my husband on November 22 to ensure it would be there before the Christmas rush and all his gifts. I sent the damn thing priority, being told 7-13 business days.  Well here we are on the 15th of December and you guessed it… IT’S NOT THERE.  So this morning I call the wonderful people at the postal service, was transferred to international mail customer service… by the way they can’t help.  I asked WHY I spent extra money for priority if there is zero way for them to confirm or track that it would happen.  There is a special place in hell for people that screw military families out of money!  Her response to me: “ Ma’am, there is a war going on over there and no way for us to guarantee anything”  WOW, really, a war!?  I WAS TOTALLY UNAWARE AS TO WHY MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN GONE FOR 8 MONTHS!  Thank you for letting me know, I was getting concerned that his GROCERY store trip was taking too long!   Yep, I hung up… wanted to cry but just got more and more angry.  Then I called the military post office customer service line, surely they can help.  It’s a recording directing you to a website that is JUST a feedback form… most likely unmonitored.  WONDERFUL.  Today just sucks!

Our military... they rely on their mail especially during the holidays
Here is the letter that I sent to the USPS:

On 11/22 I mailed a Christmas tree to my husband in Iraq.  I spent the extra postage to ship this item priority being told he should have it in 7-13 just like the flat rate boxes I sent with it.  Here we are on 12/15 and this PRIORITY MAIL Christmas tree still has not been received.  My husband has been gone for 8 months, spending Christmas away from his daughter and I again fighting a war. 
When I contacted your customer service I was told that there was no guarantee because "There is a war going on".  Really I was blissfully unaware that my husband and his unit were continuing to fight for the freedom of our country.  I am simply amazed that the USPS would take additional money from military families at Christmas no less with ZERO intention of getting packages there in the time frame provided.  What makes this even worse is that there was a package sent by my mother in law that was 23lbs and sent PARCEL POST on 12/8 that has already arrived. 
There is a special place reserved in the afterlife for people and organizations that prey on the vulnerability of military families. 
I would LOVE to know where my husbands Christmas Tree is.   I called the military postal number which is just a recording that prompts you to visit their website which is just a feedback form.  My husband says that the individuals in the post office in Bagdad are postal employees... I bet their packages are delivered promptly.  Its simply the soldiers who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom that get screwed!

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