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Wednesday, May 11

Flat Stanley goes to the Sandbox

While Hubby was home on R&R Diva’s got her Flat Stanley project.  In case you are unaware of the story of Flat Stanley. 
Stanley Lambchop and his younger brother Arthur are given a big bulletin board by their Dad for displaying pictures and posters. He hangs it on the wall over Stanley's bed. During the night the board falls from the wall, flattening Stanley in his sleep.  So now Stanley can fit in a letter…  
After her really LONG explanation to Daddy, I already knew the story, she had a decision: WHERE we should send Flat Stanley.  First we thought of Grandma’s house in Arizona, she worried the dog might eat him (or the turtle), Grandpa’s house in Nevada, nope she wanted BIGGER, she suggested the Moon but I had to explain that I don’t know any astronauts or aliens so that wasn’t going to happen.  Then she asked daddy if his roommate would do it since Flat Stanley needed to be there and back within a month and daddy had just gotten home.  Well after a series of emails and explanations his awesome roommate agreed so off Flat Stanley went. 
The project is due on May 18 so Diva was getting a little nervous that it wouldn’t make it back on time.  Yesterday when we got home there was a manila envelope on the doorstep addressed to Miss Diva!  We got him and the pictures back yesterday…. She TORE the envelope open and hands me the paper to read.  Oh, did I mention I had a handful of groceries as I just went grocery shopping and brought in EVERY bag by myself since she saw the envelope was to HER.  I got it open and started to read all of the things Flat Stanley did. 
Wow, he was a busy piece of paper!  He visited a Mosque, rode shotgun in a truck and visited a biblical spot.  Hubby’s roommate did a great job and Diva couldn’t be more proud of her Flat Stanley’s trip around the world.  She is even excited to tell her class about all of the different people that it took to get the Flat Stanley to her daddy – United States Postal Service, Military Mail, several bases and finally to his COB.  
Flat Stanley sitting shotgun!

Has your child done Flat Stanley??  Where did he go?

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S from JSBKT said...

I read you MilSpouse post and then had to read about Flat Stanley =)

We took him to the Grand Canyon with us. My daughter did the Falt Stanley project in second grade. It was a lot of fun. She was so excited to take pictures with him.

So cute!!!