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Wednesday, May 11

WAIT! You can't redeploy already!

This word can strike fear or excitement in military wives.  It can either mean you are gearing up for ANOTHER year apart or it can be the BETTER of the two options, that your service member is coming home!  One of wives who’s husband is in Hubby’s unit called me recently to tell me a cute little story.  I thought it was fitting and still makes me laugh. 

Her husband called her and mentioned his Redeployment paperwork needed to be completed.  After she asked him to repeat himself, surely this must be a problem with the communication as he couldn’t have just said RE-deployment.  She flipped… started questioning WHY he was already talking about redeployment when this deployment wasn’t finished yet.  He just started to laugh – which, like any wife, just made her angry.  She thought that RE-deployment meant he was already planning his next sandbox trip when in actuality it means THEY ARE COMING HOME!  After the explanation she laughed…

We are still a bit away from homecoming, but to know that it’s almost here is a relief and gets me all giddy!  I hear of friends husbands that are coming home in mere days and I start to tear up knowing that this will be us soon enough and this whole 16 month trip will be just a memory, something that Diva and I will talk about during his NEXT deployment.  It will be the memory of my newfound independence and bonding with my sweet daughter… learning communication with my husband in a way I hadn’t imagined.  It will be where my book started and in a lot of ways, where I started to be myself.

So… HOOAH for redeployment!