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Wednesday, May 4

Flip the pillow and snooze

I have been in a blogging brain freeze. Its weird, like my brain and fingers aren't meeting.  I am writing my book, that’s going well, but my blog.... yeah, got nothing. 
Maybe it's because so many of the things about deployment that frustrate me are OPSEC, crap!  I am frustrated over ending dates and how they change... not by a day or two but by WEEKS, by how Hubby can think that he can interject on everything from his current location 10 hours in the future! 

Big frustration:    
Diva gets a week with my parents and nieces every year to go camping.  This is something that everyone looks forward to every year.  Last 2 years she has gone the last week of July... this year she can't due to aforementions OPSEC issue.  She wanted to go the week before Daddy gets home... well that’s a tough thing to plan when I don't even know what month he gets home in.  My parents have to take time off work, plan it all... there is a lot involved in taking 2 adults, 3 kids and a teenager camping.  Then hubby informed that he has a mandatory course to do at the end.  So there may be a break, or may not just depends on when they get home.  HA.
Upside!  Diva gets to go to summer camp this year!  Well, hopefully.  I signed her up and am praying that she gets to go.  It’s a free camp for children of reservists that have parents deployed, have been wounded or children of our fallen.  I am pretty excited for her.  I think its important for her to be around other kids that just get it.  I loved summer camp so this is FANTASTIC.  Then of course poor hubby is upset because, he is missing sending her off for her first summer camp experience, just a reminder to him of all that he is missing. 

Almost done... that’s all I can think about.  We are more than half way through, down swing...

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