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Tuesday, May 24


My brain is jumbled… oh so jumbled!  I am ecstatic that the end is in sight, well the sorta end before the end I suppose.  Long story short... orders are fickle things in the Army, they can always change!

Diva is not really sure what she thinks or feels right now… a lot of changes in her little life BUT she has her BIG Talent Show tomorrow and I will be SO happy to be at the end of hearing the Kids Bop version of Telephone by Lady Gaga!  I can assure you that song is obnoxious, especially when heard repeatedly in the car, on the iPod and sung by a 7 year old EVERYWHERE!  I am excited to see her and her friends perform their dance as they have worked SO hard at learning the choreography.

All she talks about, when not holding a fake phone to hear ear saying “stop telephoning meeee”, is how it’s going to be when daddy is home.  Is he still going to love us, is he going to leave again… where’s he going to sleep on the weekends cause she sleeps with me.  Normal kid questions, haha.  She already has days planned out with him, a dinner date just the two of them, bike riding and a million other things.  I love her excitement but feel horrible for her fears.

ME… oh good grief the closer to homecoming the busier I get.  We are going to Arizona next weekend for our last Yellow Ribbon event before homecoming.  Thank you to the US Army Reserves for an all expense paid weekend for us to see our friends.  Mini vacation!  Trying to get our next one in Dallas or San Antonio… and make it a hubby and I weekend.  We’ll see!

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