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Wednesday, May 18

Missing the East Coast...

Today SUCKS!  I went to bed with a migraine and woke up with… you guessed it, a migraine!  I went into work late to try to get rid of it; I did to a degree… now it’s just this annoyance!  I have decided that my frequent headaches are a pleasant side effect to job stress, the weather… and my total disregard for a normal sleep pattern. Plus side is that my room is clean and ALL Diva’s clothes are done.  Perfect timing for her to whine and complain about it tonight when she gets home!

It’s also a day that I wish I was in DC tonight!  So many of my friends are there attending the Martini’s and Makeovers event for the Got Your Back Network.  I am pretty bummed.  Plus side is I am going to visit my great friend in September for her birthday.  And her kids are planning on cleaning the floor with me on Just Dance for Wii, little do they know I am totally practicing!  Should be loads of fun!  I am ready for a girl’s trip and I have never been to the east coast before.  I am planning on maybe corrupting her a bit… but it’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for!

Hubby and I are planning a trip to NYC to see one of our favorite people in concert after he gets home.  I can’t wait to see the city and our friends out there!  Hubby and I have decided to take one trip just us every year – last year was Palm Springs for 4 days, the year before was Hawaii for 8.  I am going to save for Germany in 2012!  I want to look into the military traveling to get there and then commercial home… maybe.  We shall see.  Traveling is something I always planned on doing with my husband before we had kids but since we did it a bit backwards we travel now… One trip alone and one with our munchkin!  This summer we are taking her to Seaworld and the Zoo with our friends and their kids!  Should be LOADS of fun.

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Michelle said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you and Grant look for homes out this way!! We miss you guys so much and that would be awesome for you guys to be out here for good!!! Love you!!