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Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday Recap!

HOLY MOLY!  Today is a total recap day.

Diva's talent show was awesome!  She was my little star... and had the attitude to back it.  haha.  She walked the red carpet with her fellow performers, sat in awe of each person before and after her then asked nicely for frozen yogurt at the end.  YIPPEE!  I bought the DVD so Hubby can see it when he gets home... he will be so proud.
Thursday night my 15 year old brother flew in for the weekend.  YAY.  So much fun having him around... he was a great help and Diva was in heaven.  He even helped out with our Surviving Families event on Friday!  We had a blast with 5 families aboard the USS Midway!!  I can't say enough how honored and humbled and proud I was.  Diva met her sister from another mother, she can't wait for her to visit.  When we were sitting there watching them explain the memorial she started to cry and whispered that she wanted to share her daddy with the girls and boys that lost theirs... she wanted to know if I minded.   Of course not baby.
Then Sunday was a LOUNGE day... except said 15 year old brother wanted to spend the $40 he had burning a hole in his pocket.  So he bought a shirt that says "I LOVE BOOBIES".  I just shook my head... what to do with him!  I was super sad to see him go yesterday.  Diva and I relaxed most of the day, hit the pool.  NOTE to self:  Lilly white skin + ZERO SPF Hawaiian Tropic Oil = LOBSTER.  Now I look like I have a permanent white bikini on.  JOY!
Last night we attended a local Memorial Day rememberance event in our hometown.  It was beautiful.  They have a permanent granite wall with the names of all of the servicemembers that have been killed in action since 2001.  It was a celebration yet somber hour where I was asked to read 10 names of service members killed since October - 1 happened to be from Hubby's base in country.  It was heartbreaking.  Diva and I took pictures of the names we knew - too many.  She laid a rose at the base of each panel and thanked them. 
I was emotionally exhausted last night... in bed by 10.  Looking forward to a short week and fun with an Army family this weekend... Maybe I will try some SPF!

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