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Friday, May 6

…if your child uses a bladed hand gesture versus pointing direction

To all of my fellow MilSpouses... Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Just like Valentines Day and Mothers/Fathers Day I think this should be a thing celebrated every day.  We work hard to support our service members, our family and ourselves all while looking our best and being able to either pack a house or prepare a state dinner in a day.

I told Hubby yesterday that I would deal with a million deployments back to back just to know that I was married to my best friend... nothing will change that.  His response was that I am an amazing wife and mother and my flexibility and support as a military spouse is forever appreciated. 

Wife of a Sailor posted more than 100 'You Know Your a MilSpouse When"...  I LOVE them and they are all so true.  Please visit and enjoy!  I did add 3 of my own:
…if your child uses a bladed hand gesture versus pointing direction
… if your child corrects their elementary school teacher about war facts
… if your 1st graders Flat Stanley project takes longer to do because we deal with MilMail not the USPS

So -
To my MilSpouse friends thank you for your support and help during this deployment... I dont think I would have my sanity if not for you guys.
To my blog family... your all amazingly wonderful.  I spend the majority of my day reading updates and I feel like I know so many of you  and you are a constant reminder that I am not alone in my thoughts, feelings or military disappointments! 


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AM and BE said...

Happy Milspouse day to you too :) It really is a tough job, but it just requires tough people. Love and hugs
-AM @acreedandapsalm.blogspot.com