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Monday, May 16


Do you know what this means?!  This means that the unit is preparing to prepare to come home!  Yep, when you get your "MUST MAIL BY" date you get instantly excited.  Even though this is just in anticipation of mail taking exactly one week past FOREVER to get there it doesn't matter because you are at the end.

It's funny - I remember patiently waiting for his address... emailing him daily so I could get that first box out.  Well, mainly because his birthday was just about a month after he got to theater and I had this awesome box done.  Wrapped from the inside so when he opened it it looked like a present.  I LOVED it. We even sent crispie treats and all the makings for a Spiderman birthday party (plates, cups and streamers... even balloons!)  Each month we have sent 2 boxes, one themed and one that has necessitites.  We sent Halloween decorations, 7 Veterans Day boxes, a 4ft tall prelit Christmas Tree and ornaments... and the list goes on. 

The last box was 16lbs 14.4oz... my PERSONAL BEST!  Oh and the post office's heaviest flat rate APO AE box sent... yep!  I am so excited... even though he is on orders for about 3 or 4 more months, so it's going to be a bit longer before we can live as a normal American family again, I am excited. 

Oh and the house... found another great one.  It's not in the city I want to live in, not a bad place and there are GREAT schools there but I am spoiled by a 7mi drive to work and the new house is 28 mi to work!  Luckily it's the exact same distance to his work so no one feels slighted.  When I asked him what he thought he told me that he doesn't care how far he has to drive because he will always be driving home to us!  We shall see...

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