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Wednesday, May 25

Stop Telephonin Me-e-e-e-e

Happy Wednesday!

After watching Glee's most anticlimactic season finale last night, and Hines Ward take the mirror ball I am feeling pretty underwhelmed with TV... back to my book writing!  I am not a fan of summer tv, thats for sure.  At least I still have Secret Life of an American Teenager and Army Wives to keep me warm. 
I have been sleeping a little more each night, up to 5 hours now!  My mom asked if I was depressed... nope but I just realized that I have been forgetting my stupid thyroid pills!  I am horrible with pills, thank goodness that birth control was never an issue or I would be octomom by now!  Worst part for me is that I don’t realize that I have been forgetting them until I hit rock bottom and am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open.  Then a lightbulb goes off, usually the same time the automatic refill people call me… and I have 20 pills left on a 30 day refill and they are calling me to refill for the next month… CRAP!  Back to the pills tomorrow.

This week seems to be taking forever BUT this week has been super crazy.  Tonight is Diva’s big talent show… boy is that girl excited.  Today I am on a mission for a black sparkly shirt and hot pink tights!  We practiced her dance last night, oh yeah I know it (Don’t be telephonin meeee)  Then I am in the final stages of planning and coordinating for a huge event on Saturday aboard the USS Midway.  If any of my San Diego friends would like to go and support several military organization and see Kenny Loggins please see the information below.  OOH and my little brother will be flying in tomorrow for the weekend.  He is almost 16 so he is excited to come and I am excited to have him!

YAY for Memorial Day Weekend!

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